About Me


Hello There!

  • My name is Errol Bennett.
  • I am a Mental Health Specialist.
  • I have  been working in the Mental Health Field for more than 27 years, a career I truly enjoy.
  •  I have helped many people over the years to reach their goals in life.
  • I have  had my own life challenges  over the years; therefore I believe I am qualified to help You with your own challenges.
  • I am a good listener and I will take the time to listen to YOU.
  • I believe that everyone has the potential to reach  great heights in life ; however some people may need a little help to getting there.
  • I am concern about all aspects of your mental , psychological, emotional,  and spiritual health, so talk to me.
  • My desire is to help YOU  manage or overcome YOUR challenges in life.
  • I  believe that everyone is unique and  special ; therefore  I am encouraging you to think of yourself as  special.
  • I Believe that you were meant to be here in this life, so try to live  your life with that purpose. Be good to yourself , treat yourself with respect.
  • Take time to enjoy the moment, because that is all you have. You do not know about tomorrow; so make today count. Be grateful for every precious moment and take nothing for granted. Even the ‘bad’ times can be a lesson to you if you choose to learn from them”.
  • I am here to listen to YOUR STORY, so call me NOW!